A guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Consultants

IT Consultant professional indemnity insurance

Specialist IT insurer Hiscox has been offering professional indemnity insurance tailored to the needs of IT consultants for more than a decade. During that time, their underwriters have developed a highly specialised knowledge of the IT industry and the risks you face.

Hiscox’s Professional Indemnity Insurance, designed for IT consultants, can help protect your business if claims are brought against you by a client because of problems with work you have done for them.

If you provide an advisory service to clients, handle client data, are responsible for a client’s intellectual property; or offer a professional service and could be challenged on your work, you may need to consider professional indemnity insurance.

Why choose Hiscox IT Consultant Professional Indemnity Insurance

You don’t want to get caught up in a legal maze when choosing the best cover. A Hiscox IT Consultant Professional Indemnity policy defines IT products as either a product or a service – this is a much broader definition than on a policy that does not detail this cover, or a policy that is not specifically for IT consultants.

A Hiscox IT Consultant Professional Indemnity Insurance policy includes cover for:


Accusations of negligence are a constant risk for any business providing consultancy services. If a claim is brought against you,professional indemnity insurance will help protect you.

Broader definition gives better protection

Do you supply a service or a product? Software can be recognised as both so Hiscox will cover you for claims against both interpretations.

Loss of professional documents

The chances are you handle data and documents belonging to a client or business. If they accidentally go missing, are damaged, corrupted, or destroyed whilst in your care, you can be held liable. Professional indemnity insurance from Hiscox can cover you.

Infringement of intellectual property

Areas like software copyright and trademark issues can be highly complex. Hiscox will cover you in the event that you make a mistake regarding these issues.

Supply of deliverables

You are also covered if a client challenges your delivery of software or hardware.

Why choose Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance?

  • A tailored policy that suits the needs of your business.
  • Several levels of cover available to help you choose the most appropriate for your business (up to £2 million of cover available when you apply online and £10 million by phone).
  • You can make policy changes at any time.
  • Interest free monthly direct debit instalments.
  • You can apply for a quote online or by phone.
  • Hiscox’s award-winning claims team are UK based.

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