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Did you know research shows that employers do not spend more than 30 seconds looking at a CV?

Plus you will no doubt be fully aware how competitive the job market currently is.

There are more applications per job than ever before.

Your CV is your sales tool that makes YOU stand out in the crowd.

It's easy to be complacent if you have great qualifications, skills or experience.

That is NOT enough anymore.

Have you considered layout, presentation, tone, keywords etc?

Through the Technojobs Group, we have arranged with The Fuller CV, the UK's leading CV consultancy, for you to have a FREE professional review of your CV.

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One of their professional and experienced CV writers will assess your CV and email you with their suggestions as to how it could be improved to ensure you get to the interview stage.

It's clearly vital for you to stand out from the crowd and your CV is the fundamental tool to maximise your chances of getting past stage one of the recruitment process.

Remember: This CV review is entirely FREE.

We want to help you get the job - and the future - that you want. The advantages of a cleverly written and powerfully-presented CV are obvious. To help you to sell your talents. Don’t lose out because of the presentation of your CV.

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